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Djibouti réagit au rapport de l’IGAD
janvier 2021 (Human Village 41).

Djibouti, 28 January 2021

The Republic of Djibouti would like to ascertain that the IGAD fact-finding mission on the prevailing situation between Kenya and Somalia is the outcome of a decision taken by the Heads of State and Government of IGAD at the 38th Extraordinary IGAD summit held in Djibouti on December 20th, 2020 and which mandated the Republic of Djibouti to carry out this mission.
The Mission was undertaken with the consent of the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Government of the Republic of Kenya. The visit to both Somalia and Kenya took place from 9th to 13th January 2021.
The terms of reference of this fact finding mission was based upon grievances made during the Summit by the President of Federal Republic of Somalia H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo who accused the Republic of Kenya of interferences into the Somali internal affaire.
With regards to the way the mission was fulfilled, there is no doubt that it was carried out with professionalism and impartiality.
While remaining strictly neutral, the Republic of Djibouti wad only driven by the sole purpose to help the two sisterly nations ease tensions between them and has adopted an unbiased approach based on strict objectivity.
Djibouti has always strived for peace and stability in the region and made considerable efforts to contribute to the security, stability and peace in Somali and remains committed to pursuing this endeavour.
The Republic of Djibouti recalls that the Final Report of the fact-finding mission was submitted to the current Chairman of IGAD, the Republic of Sudan, and to all Heads of State and Government of IGAD as well as to the Executive Secretary.
Last but not least the Republic of Djibouti considers that it is now up the the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of IGAD to determine the way forward and decide the best way to achieve reconciliation between the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Republic of Kenya.

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Proposition de traduction par Human Village

Djibouti, le 28 janvier 2021

La République de Djibouti souhaite confirmer que la mission d’enquête de l’IGAD sur la situation actuelle entre le Kenya et la Somalie est le résultat d’une décision prise par les chefs d’État et de gouvernement de l’IGAD lors du 38e sommet extraordinaire de l’IGAD qui s’est tenu à Djibouti le 20 décembre 2020 et qui a mandaté la République de Djibouti pour mener à bien cette mission.

La mission a été entreprise avec le consentement du gouvernement de la République fédérale de Somalie et du gouvernement de la République du Kenya. Les visites en Somalie et au Kenya ont eu lieu du 9 au 13 janvier 2021.
Le mandat de cette mission d’enquête était basé sur les griefs formulés lors du sommet par le président de la République fédérale de Somalie, S.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo, qui a accusé la République du Kenya d’ingérence dans les affaires intérieures somaliennes.

En ce qui concerne la manière dont la mission a été accomplie, il ne fait aucun doute qu’elle a été menée avec professionnalisme et impartialité.
Tout en restant strictement neutre, la République de Djibouti n’a été animée que par le seul objectif d’aider les deux nations sœurs à apaiser les tensions entre elles et a adopté une approche impartiale basée sur une stricte objectivité.
Djibouti a toujours œuvré pour la paix et la stabilité dans la région et a fait des efforts considérables pour contribuer à la sécurité, à la stabilité et à la paix en Somalie et reste déterminé à poursuivre ses efforts en ce sens.
La République de Djibouti rappelle que le rapport final de la mission d’enquête a été soumis au président actuel de l’IGAD, la République du Soudan, et à tous les chefs d’État et de gouvernement de l’IGAD ainsi qu’au secrétaire exécutif.

Enfin, et surtout, la République de Djibouti considère qu’il appartient maintenant à l’Assemblée des chefs d’État et de gouvernement de l’IGAD de déterminer la voie à suivre et de décider de la meilleure façon de parvenir à la réconciliation entre la République fédérale de Somalie et la République du Kenya.

Djibouti réagit au rapport de l’IGAD
Le 28 janvier 2021, par Mohamed Aden.

I sent my congratulations message to the Djibouti fact-finding officials who have been assigned to bring to the lights and investigate the allegations brought by The Federal states of Somalia President to 38th extraordinary igad summit. The SFS accused that Rep. Of Kenya of interferences into the Somali internal affaire. The mission was carried with integrity, professionalism and was not in any way whatsoever impartial. It is clear that both Djibouti and kenya were the closest allies that Somalia has ever had, Djinouyi helping more in socio-political and humanitarian. Kenya has become the somali business men hub specially in Nairobi where even the President of Somalia and his wife have bought a huge mansion and a running business business in partnership with Kenyans Nationals. The President of this failed state can even run an election. All the fuss made at the Igad summit and the sitituaion of Gedo being his fabrication was about Farmajo political gain. He had a secret deal with the axes of evil Abiye & Afeworki after the tigrey war which he had his share of atrocities by sending thousands somali teenage boys which parents where lied to and willingly offered their sons the Eritreans army executioners to be torched in the front line ahead of the Eritrean army and succumbed against the tigray killing machine. The failed state govermment is ungrateful to both the Djibouti government, Djibouti amisom squadron and to all the Djinouti nationals. Like wise for the Kenyan Government’s, kenyan amisom troops who day and night keep Al-shabab at bay, protect the Somali nationals and escort their ill fated President Farmajo every time he needs to go and come from to the Mogadisho airport for any trip. A president who can’t go to the football arena of Mogadisho but instead watch a final match between the federal states final round at villa Somalia. A president who is not seen in public and who can even shake hands with supporters if he has any. A President who his head Secret service dictate him what to do and has more power than him. A president and his head of secret service which have alliance with Al-Shabaab to do their dirty work. Their is no one single business and civil servants in Mogadisho that doesn’t pay 2 taxes. workers receiving their wages through direct deposit at the bank receive a statement which their wages are taxed twice. Hinting the bank collect for both the goverment and al-shabab and where such amount are deposited in their respective accounts. Business or submitting their annual revenue to government, their taxation go through the same process. All the international entities and UN entities are aware of these situations. Somalia governments is more like a mafia state. And as long as foreign is pouring it will remain of such doomed and disgraceful state in the Horn of Africa. Foreign aid should stop and the world should leave somalia on it’s on. I do not see another alternative for such humain races.

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