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Déclaration de Djibouti à l’ONU sur la guerre en Ukraine

Mr. Président,
Mr. Secretary General,

At the outset, Djibouti welcomes the convening of this Emergency Special Session of the United Nation General Assembly to adress an urgent matter : the agression against Ukraine. It is a matter of deep regret that the Security Council failed to act in unison ahter the veta cast by Russia, thus undermining the capacity of this vital organ to exercise its primary responsability for the maintenance of international peace and security. We often lament the inability of the Council to respond decisively to emerging crises. The refusal, expressed by a majority of Member States to be paralyzed into inaction is a testament ot the commitment of Membre States to ensure that the UN remains relevant in the face of vexing and complex challenges.
Djibouti unequivocally condemns what in our view constitues an egregious breach of international law and the most fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter, in particular the obligation of all States under Article 2 of the United Nations Charter to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any States.
If a country has legitimate security concerns, we urge that country to prioritize using tools as expressly contemplated by Article 33 of the Charter which obligates parties to a dispute that is likely to endanger the peace and security to seek its solution among other means, negociation, mediation, arbitration or judicial settlement. We welcome the offer of good offices made by teh Secretary General and reiterate the call by the African Union to “establish an immediate ceasefire and to open political negociations without delay, under the auspices of the United Nations, in order to preserve the world from the consequences of planetary conflict”. No argument, no pretext can justify the use of force, the all out war and the brutal violence unleashed on Ukraine and its people.

Mr. President
We are appealled by the continued attacks targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. We are heartsick to watch the gut-wrenching images of civilians fleeing the voilence and seeking refuge in neighboring countries. We echo the call made by the Emergency Relief Coordinator and the High Commissiner for Refugees for unimpeded humanitarian access so that aid is delivered to those in need.
Ukrainians may have decided to valiantly defend their country and not surrender, but if the war does not stop now, they may not survive ! As the Ukrainian representative powerfully stated, “if Ukraine does not survive, international law will not survive”. The aggression against Ukraine places under stress the system of international law and international relations that the Charter put into place. Let us not allow decades of efforts to strengthen the rule of law and revitalize multilateralism go down the drain.

Djibouti will therefore vote yer to reaffirm its solidarity to the people of Ukranine !
It will vote yes to uphold the UN Charter !
It will vote yes to reject the use of armed forces under any pretexte and agression against a sovereign country !
It will vote yes in support to the sanctity of borders !

Monsieur le président,
Nous sommes rassurés par les mesures prises pour faire face aux actes de discrimination à l’égard d’Africains qui ont ému nos populations à travers le continent. Cependant, nous sommes alarmés par la persistance de représentations qui marquent du « sceau du négatif » l’Africain, ainsi que par le traitement médiatique de soi-disant experts qui opèrent une distinction entre les réfugiés fuyant les conflits au Moyen-Orient et les réfugiés fuyant la guerre en Ukraine.
Les conflits sont les mêmes partout où ils se produisent et ils génèrent souvent les mêmes conséquences dévastatrices. Nous sommes à un moment crucial de l’histoire des Nations unies ! nous devons mettre fin aux conflits et mettre tout en œuvre afin de prévenir que de nouveaux ne naissent. C’est à notre portée, nous en avons les ressources ! Mobilisons ensemble la volonté politique dans ce sens !

Merci de votre attention.

Mohamed Siad Doualeh , représentant de Djibouti aux Nations unies
2 mars 2022

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